Wise words from Novelist R R Virdi

Wise words from Novelist R R Virdi

Aight Turn on your listen-flaps! <Ears.

Everyone wants to be unique, and especially so in art.

That’s fine. But can I just suggest something? Something a bit radical?

I think we’re overthinking it. Why?

Because, yes, the natural inclination starting out is to emulate our favorites. That’s okay. That’s always been done.

But, guess what?

You’re already unique. You just are.

You’ve lived a life, sure, maybe in some aspects similar to others, and in many ways, so different. We all have different reading tastes. Sure, some overlap again, some fave series, and I bet you some not so similar.

You, by the sheer dint of existing and going through your life have come away with thoughts, desires, writing skills and a voice so different from anyone else.

So yeah, go ahead and write that story you feel is generic, because I’ll you what, it might be a heckuva lot more unique than you give it, or yourself credit for.

Just my observation.

I can give two people here the same general plot, but I bet you that both people will come away with two totally different stories.

That’s how it works.

Ah, but now you wonder if anyone will like your story if it’s so unique and different.

In a word—yes.

Yes they will.

Very much so.

Some so-so.

Some, eh.

Some not so much.

Some, hell no.

And there you have the general reaction most people will have to your novels.

End of the world?

Not so much.

Might a hurt a bit? Yeah.

Might excite you a lot?

Hell yes.

There are 7 billion other humans out there…

Trust me, a good chunk of them love reading. A big piece of that group will love your work.

They just will.

It may not seem like that first when you’re struggling to find readers.

But that’s not your work. That’s just marketing <which is another animal on its own.

It’s just that your work is rarely seen at first.

It has its fans out there…waiting…lurking, like members of this group for example (I see you lurkers *waves* hai, you iz teh awesomesauce too)

Keep writing.

You are unique.

Your stories are as well.

Give yourself and your voice credit.

Give yourself, your voice, and your stories a chance.

I believe in you.

*Showers you in motivational dust*


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