Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

These are the most frequently asked questions we get asked.

How much will I pay?

All our prices are clearly set out on the relevant pages of this website and are always open to negotiation.

How long does an edit usually take to complete?

This depends entirely on the length and complexity of the work, and the amount of editing that is needed.  A short piece can take anything from a couple of hours to a few days to complete. A complete novel can take anything from four to twelve weeks to complete

Can I send you my manuscript a chapter or block at a time?

The very nature of the process of content editing means that the manuscript is looked at as a whole, therefore sending it a block or chapter at a time is not recommended.

 If I have a strict deadline to meet. Will you be able to meet it?

So long as you don’t want a 500-page novel editing in a week, We will certainly do our very best to meet any such deadline. Although, it’s only fair to point out that any time limit set cannot be guaranteed, and that this will incur an increased fee rate.

Will you be able to start as soon as you’ve been commissioned?

We will do so if possible. Unfortunately, We can’t always guarantee this. It depends entirely on the workload we have at the time. If we are busy with other clients work, you may have to wait for a month or two.

How should I submit my manuscript for editing?

We prefer to work with Word Documents so that we can use the Track Changes facility to show up the edits that we have made to your work. Submissions should be sent to

Can you work In either British English or American English?

Yes, we can. Although to be honest, in recent times the lines between them are becoming more and more blurred.

Can you guarantee the completed work will be free of errors?

The truthful answer is no. No editor should ever guarantee this. If an editor does, they are, quite frankly, being economical with the truth, and unfair to you and themselves. Editors are human and even the very best can make mistakes. That is why we also recommend you have a third pair of eyes look at your work after the editor has finished.

What is your company confidentiality policy?

All material submitted to this company by its clients is confidential. Nothing submitted by any means to this company will be divulged to any outside party unless, and until we have obtained, your express written permission to do so. However, we should point out that we do reserve the right to use your name or company name, and the details of any other work that you have produced and in the public domain for our own promotional use on this website and our social media outlets.