Content Editing Process

The Editing Process

The idea of this page is to guide you through the content editing process. This is where the author and the editor should work closely together to polish and hone the manuscript to its best. This process is not something that should be rushed. Depending on the length and complexity of the manuscript this process can take months to complete. The process consists of four stages:

1: The editor will read the beginning, middle and end of the unedited manuscript in order to get a feel for the overall story and plot. While doing this they will get to know more about the characters, and the story’s current pacing and flow. 

2: The editor will now make a working copy of the original file to use as the editing copy. This then leaves the original manuscript file untouched for future reference or dispute purposes.

3: This is where the real business of editing happens. The editor will edit the manuscript using the Track Change facility in Word. Once they have completed editing the manuscript they will send the edited file back to the author and encourage the author to question and query them about the changes that have been suggested. 

4: After the main editing process is completed, and the author has  had time to look over the edits suggested and implemented the changes they want to incorporate (remember, as the author you are in charge, you can accept or decline the editors suggestions) the author should return the updated file to the editor, so that they can do a final quality control read through using both human eye and electronic methods in order to check for and rectify any snagging issues. This done, the file is once again sent to the author to check over and sign off the work of the content editor.