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Professional editors are often asked the question: why do I need to go to the expense of employing the services of a professional editor like Maureen-Anne Editing when I can do it myself and save some money?  

The answer is simple. Yes, you could, and most professional editors worth their salt will expect that you have undertaken at least one self-edit before submitting for professional editing. However, to do it completely on your own would be a false economy, because as much as we think we don’t, we become blind to our own mistakes. It’s all too easy to get caught up in the moment of writing a particularly juicy or exciting scene and lose track of the bigger picture. Let me give you one example: you wrote something in an earlier chapter or scene where a character breaks a leg. Then, a few pages later that same character is running around as if nothing happened, leaving you with a very confused reader. I know it sounds implausible, but believe me, it does happen. 

You’ve spent months, and maybe even years, of hard work, blood sweat and tears crafting your manuscript. Therefore, you obviously want it to stand out from the crowd and be something to be proud of. And most importantly, something that has a potential to sell. This means that you need it to be as polished as possible. That why you need the services of a professional editor who can look at and edit your manuscript with an objective eye. It’s your reputation as a writer at the end of the day.

At this point, I must point out that we are not a proofreading service, which is sometimes called a Copy Editor. What they do is a  completely different kettle of fish to what we do. Therefore, once we have finished content editing, we would strongly recommend you employ the services of a professional proofreader or copy editor. For Proofreading/copy editing services, we recommend: Paul Morris Or, Carole Nowell Secretarial Services:

So, what does’s a content editor do? Wikipedia describes content editing thus, ‘ Content editing is the subjective assessment of the editor as to what will make the substance of the text more comprehensible. The process often requires changes based on rhetorical questions related to ease of understanding and functionality. Content editing focuses on the general conceptual intent, content, organization, and writing style of the text in consideration.

Content editing can require effort beyond that of basic copy editing, and in particular demands editorial judgment, because guidelines are often less strict. It is time-consuming because it requires the entire document to be conceptually edited, requiring a scope broader than that of specific diction or syntax. This could mean reorganizing sections or restructuring the document as a whole.

Effective content editing can allow a confusing document to be more clear and precise, as well as easier to read. Content edits not only allow an improvement in readability, but also visual appeal. 

At the end of the day, we both have a vested interest in making sure your book is better than your competitors. 

In short, hiring professional editors is an investment and not a cost to be avoided. 

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