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Welcome to Steve Frost Editing. Working mainly with independent self-publishing authors, I am a developmental fiction editor with a degree in history, so I specialise in the historical and alternative history genres.


Focus on Beta Reading and Skill Development.

Although getting paid work in is nice, and I would rarely turn down the opportunity, my focus for the next few months will be in honing and polishing my skills by offering free beta reads, and also by working closely in co-operation with ISF Author Services.

Working To Bring You A Better Editing Experience

Currently, I’m busy honing my developmental and line editing skills as a remote Intern of ISF Author Services. I have the great honour to be mentored and trained directly by the business owner and very busy and influential Developmental Editor Michelle Dunbar, whose clients include award nominate authors.

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Selling Books

There's another string to my book based business 'empire' that I'm also trying to get off the ground. I also have an online bookshop called M.A Bookshop. It sells mainly second-hand books and a few new ones as well. If you click the company logo above it should...

Another Blog Update

I'm still working hard with Michelle Dunbar, Director of Bolide Publishing to increase my skills with this strange thing called developmental and deep line editing. I'm currently working on the book maps for a couple of edits she's working on. I must admit, until...

My Cosy Reading Corner

I've set myself up a nice cosy reading corner surrounded by books in the corner of my lounge. Here I can escape with a coffee or something and read a book for pleasure, or read through a clients manuscript for a beta read, or the initial read through for a full edit...

Training Update

What's Happening With My Training? As most of you probably know I'm being trained and mentored in the dark arts of developmental editing and deep line editing by that queen of the developmental editors Michelle Dunbar. AKA She who must be obeyed. In all seriousness,...

Why Do I Specialise In The History and Alternative History Genres?

The answer to that question, my friends, is simple. History and especially alternative history has always fascinated me. I have a degree in modern history that I got after four-years of hard work with The Open University. If you were to ask me what my favourite period...

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